I’m sick and I need something from the shop…

I’m thinking of starting a FB group called ‘I’m sick and I need something from the shop…’ and if people are sick then they can post on there and someone who is in the area will bring them whatever it is that they need from the shop… Wouldn’t it be cool if the world worked like that and strangers would be helping each other just because they can?

But then again, in all honesty, if I was not in bed with the sweats would I actually feel inclined to go to see someone who is manky and in bed with the sweats? Probably not. In fact, I’d probably make a wide berth, or at least wear one of those masks that surgeons wear, if I did go… That’s the thing about being sick. When we are sick we have so much time to think, while lying in bed, and after the initial ‘sleep 12 hours thing’ has worn off. So much thinking time in that liminal phase where we have rested enough and sweated enough to have some sense of reality, and feel happy enough, but are not well enough to get up and start doing stuff yet.

I’m actually feeling a little starved for human contact what with my son being away for a few days. A friend asked me what I would like for dinner and suggested that she bring over some apricot chicken, so I’m not doing too badly and eagerly awaiting her arrival actually, but I am one of the lucky ones, this time. Usually I am lying in a sweaty pool of my own filth and crying because I want a cup of tea, or some food, and feel too sickly to get up and organise it myself. I think a website for people who are sick and need bread, milk, oranges, throaties, or something like that brought to them, would be awesome. But I guess it would take the whole community to jump on board, otherwise you would just end up with one do-gooder going around and getting worn out looking after sick people! And it wouldn’t last long. Another friend suggested that if people are contagious, the person bringing the item/s could just pick up the money and leave the goods at the door, to save those uncomfortable moments of trying to not breathe in front of the sick person while simultaneously trying to appear friendly and caring… ha.

Perhaps this website could also extend to bringing movies, since there is not much to do in that liminal state, except watch movies. One could read, and I have certainly wiled away a few sweaty bed-ridden days reading myself, but watching movies takes a lot less work on the eyes and at least the plot is still going on even if you start getting tired and close your eyes for a moment… So far today, I’ve watched two movies, Cocoon and Moby Dick, and I cried my eyes out during the end of Cocoon when the young boy jumped onto the boat to try and go with his Grandpa (I hope that wasn’t a spoiler for anyone. If so, come on, the movies been out since 1985!). I’m not sure if it was my body detoxing some emotions or what, but I bawled with all my might at that point in the movie. Then watching Moby Dick, while it was quite poetic in the telling, wasn’t very fun at all until the end when Moby took revenge on all the whalers. I’ve still got Star Trek and Dodgeball left to watch but neither of them is really grabbing me at this point. Give it a few hours and I’ll be gladly watching anything to take my mind off the silence.

Its funny how things work out to give us exactly what we need. I really needed to slow down. I’ve been having many a late night over the past few weeks, drinking much more than I usually would, and generally not looking after myself… Ugh… It brings to mind something that a friend of mine says often… “Clean up or get cleaned up!” Its so true. We have to listen our self, that internal voice and knowing, otherwise matters get taken out of our hands. I’ll be mindful to listen a little bit closer in future and actually listen when my body is telling me to clean up.

And on that note, I’m going to have a hot shower and see if I can wash away any of this mank before my lovely angelic friend comes over with dinner…

Thank you universe, for great friends!

(Oh and by the way, I’d love some throaties…)