Natty’s back!

Well, hello…

How are you?

Its been a while since I have written anything on here (my last blog post being more than a year ago), and I don’t really have a burning desire to say anything in particular at the moment, but I just bought the ( domain name for this blog, so I feel like I had better write something, in the interests of starting off on the right foot!

So here I am. I’m now a writer. After the many years of my life as a writer involving me doing all my writing for myself, random ramblings on social media, the odd word slashed across a canvas in paint, or Posca pen, scrawlings in my journals, working sporadically on the half finished (or is that half started) books and screenplays that I have been working on for years, the odd thoughts jotted down on napkins (or toilet paper if I’m desperate)…

After all that, I can now safely call myself a writer and feel good about the fact that I actually get paid to write!

Its lovely, it really is.

I recently went on an overseas trip with my parents and my son, to England, Ireland and Spain, and we flew in and out, and around, and had to come through immigration a few times. Each time we came through and I had to fill out the immigration form I would put ‘Writer’ in the part where it says occupation. It gave me a real buzz doing that, especially as each time I wrote it, it started to sink in more and more that I am actually a writer! I now get paid to do what I love. I’m living the dream! (You know the one that says “do a job that you love and you never work a day in your life”, yeah that one.)

That is fairly true, although when it comes to SEO content, I really do think of it as ‘work’. It feels more like work because I am squeezing words out of myself, like wringing water out of a cloth. It doesn’t flow as easy as when I have gathered information about a person, or a place and my brain starts to thread the story all together like a rich tapestry of bright colour all splashed together beautifully. In fact if we are talking in colours then I would say that most of the SEO content is generally a kind of a greyish or brownish colour, with the odd splatter of reds, pinks, yellows, blues and the odd green. Because basically I am just taking an idea and writing about it for the sake of putting one or two words into a 500 word paragraph, so the words do not feel as authentic as when I’m writing someones story. A real true story. Of real people.

My favourite part about being a writer is when I interview people and learn all about their interesting stories and write it up into an article. In fact, I start to write it up in my head even before I get back to my computer, and sometimes after an interview I will come home and sit down at my computer and just type out the whole article straight up, like my brain has already written it for me. There are times when I am driving through the hills of the Hinterland back to Maleny, and I feel so complete as I realise that I am actually getting paid to do something that I love doing. How exhilarating!

When I say I am a writer people often ask me what I write, and I rattle off whoever I am writing for at the time, but I really do think that to really be a writer, and to be fulfilling my soul, I need to write my own story… In all its many multidimensional patterns, textures and colours, and bringing that to life, a record of my life’s work, of the soul that is me, with all its many different aspects, spaces and faces.

So that is the purpose of getting this blog up and running. I want to inspire myself to write my own story again, and one way to do that is to start blogging again, because for me its that act of just writing for nothing that empty’s the well, and pretty soon you find that the well is filling up with a whole lot of something…

And that’s the good shit. That’s the stuff that’s coming from the heart…

So yeah, I guess I had to go out there and become a writer out there, before I could come back to really being a writer in here… So bear with me as I empty the well, and hopefully, pretty soon there’s going to be some gold coming to the surface!

Watch this space…