The anti-anti-beard propaganda

What the fuck is all this weird bullshit anti-beard propaganda? Has anyone else added this up yet? For some reason there is media SPIN circulating right now that beards are bad, and I ask you to ask yourself a question. What race of people are known for having beards, and what race of people is the mainstream media currently trying to paint as ‘bad’ people?
Yes. Muslims. This is how SPIN works. Spin doctors are clever as fuck, and as brazen as fuck, and I know, because my QUT degree trained me to be one.
And I see it every day. They’ve been doing it with ads for years, like how they make Coke look like it is going to make you cool, when really its a cattle train ticket to diabetes and ill health. It strips dirt off coins for fucks sake! They know how to make cars look zippier, and they even made tampons seem sexy. It looks like they/we have now worked out this social media thing, and are now packaging propaganda up into an amusing looking packages so we all share it and think its a real laugh. And it is. For a second. Until you realise the deeper currents of things. Believe me, I write propaganda for a living. I don’t like the ‘poo beard’ thing.
We might read it (umpteen times since it has circulated widely throughout the day) and laugh it off, but the essence of it stays with us, and it is now programmed into our minds that beards remind us of poo. So the next time we see a Muslim guy on tv, or in a newspaper, we immediately think of poo, and get a sick feeling in our stomachs. Mission accomplished Mr Spin.
So here’s some anti-anti-beard propaganda… Please share it on, and lets start a new revolution where people can be whoever the fuck they like.

the anti propaganda machine


BE the Change That You Wish to See in The World…

And roll with the punches…

People who know me know that in my life, I have a strong focus on social justice issues. I subscribe to the Aussie way of a ‘fair go’ for everyone, and support ethical choices in business. I try to ‘walk my talk’ and live my values as much as possible. I believe in the Ubuntu ethos, that if something is not good for everyone, it is not good at all. When it comes to governments, I believe that it is their role to ensure that their policies and law-making reflects this ideal. I openly advocate for government that supports its people and I believe that each and every one of us are responsible for taking care of those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Each one of us is only 6 degrees away from being in that same position ourselves, and we can never fully know another’s plight unless we have walked a mile in their shoes.

I believe in fairness, and that all people should have the best opportunity possible; to be supported to be the best they can be, so that they can make the most of their lives. I believe that people should be paid adequately for their work, and I subscribe to the idea that there is enough for everyone; there is no need for competition. When I heard that the newspaper that I was writing for, under its new ownership, was employing intimidation tactics, underhanded business practices, and was attempting to put a smaller local newspaper out of business, this really upset me. Apart from the fact that they were openly attempting to pay me less for the work I was doing, and undervaluing my contribution, I felt that they were not the sort of people that I wanted to work for. When we hear about large newspaper companies who use their power to put others out of business, by undercutting, and using intimidation, it really gets our back up (those of us who have a backbone). So why should it be any different when one small business does it to a smaller one?

Mahatma Ghandi said ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’… I believe that it is the small decisions that we make in our day to day lives that are us BEing that change. Often when we see the horror in other countries, and the way governments and big business undervalues their citizens and employees, we feel so powerless, and (besides signing petitions, or donating money), often we are unable to do anything. I say we can do something, by living our truth. It all starts at home. When we say ‘no’ in our own lives, to the things that we see that are wrong, it makes a difference, and it is in these small moments, and small choices that we make, that we are being that change.

It is for these reasons, that I made the decision to leave the paper that I was writing for, and to write for the smaller newspaper. I am only one person, but my decisions make a difference, in my own life, and in the lives of those who I come into contact with. On a wider scale, my choices make the person that I am. I contribute to the collective through the energy that I contribute to the whole. I want to be that change. I want every cell in my body to be that change. Enough is enough. It’s time to respect our fellow man, woman and child. It’s time to walk our talk…

How can I BE the change today?


I’ve just fallen in love…


The waistcoat.

Today I welcomed 3 new waistcoats into the fold, and my other clothes have welcomed the new members of the family with open hearts. They are so versatile! And pleasing. Its sensual the way they accentuate your waist.

Classy, but playful over your regular clothes… You don’t have to dress them up with too much of the other ‘suit’ paraphernalia. They even look good with a mini skirt and some cons. They really fit with the other items of my humble wardrobe.

A girlfriend let me peruse through her op-shop pile today, as you do, and it consisted of many wild and wonderful things. Including these…  It’s like they are made for me!

Now this is an example of manifestation, and conscious creating in action.

I have been thinking about owning a waistcoat over the last month, and had been thinking I’d buy one if I saw a good one in a shop. I became open to one coming into my life but I hadn’t seen any… and then today I get given 3!

So what are the odds of me thinking about owning a waistcoat for a month, and then 3 just get given to me? Coincidence? I don’t think so. I don’t believe in coincidences, I have too many, too often to believe in them. What happens is flow.


It’s not some glitch in the matrix.

That’s when we step out of the matrix.

All of them.

When we are in flow. Pure positive energy.

This is what Byron Katie was talking about in her book ‘A Thousand Names for Joy’, she was referring to getting in the flow, and moving with it. When you trip over, go with it. She talks about moving into that experience rather than away from it. Feeling the ground on your hands and moving into it. Flowing with the experience, however it shows up. It’s what the Buddha talked about. They all talk about it. Osho. All the great minds of our time, and the ones who see things the way they really are.

Communicating with it in that moment, present in that moment with whatever is happening.

I was standing on my veranda before and I suddenly almost lost my balance as I leaned backwards too far, and I looked back and I was standing in front of one of the log stools, and without hesitation, I sat. Sat into the flow… The universal flow.

Like what we see when plants talk to each other. They are present. Suspended in that moment. In the flow and vibration of the universe.

I think this is also why it’s good to touch your plants and talk to them, especially the ones that you eat.

Because they respond to you and grow what you need because they know from your touch, and from the dna on your hands exactly where your body is at within this constant flow. Because as they have always said, we are all one, everything.

They give you what you need to get you more back into the flow if you are out of it. That is why it is so important to eat plants.

The universe is always in flow, and once you get it, you are there.

You don’t have to think about it.

Another thing that I realised is that when you ground yourself to the earth you actually instantly connect in with the gaia energy. Whatever you want to call it, and it has many different names for the same thing, but that connecting in, is connecting to the gaia energy. The vibration and rhythm of the earth, and there are many different ways of getting it, and drawing it up and out.

I’m just fallen in love with right now.

This moment.


Spirit Flower

Its funny how things change as you get older. I have always been of the opinion that Birthdays are a time to party hard, but this birthday has shown a quieting, a maturing, an evolution of sorts where I am more accepting of myself and the moment as it is. That could have been attributed to my recent Vipassana journey but that whole scenario was fraught with not accepting the moment as it is – I spent 6 days out of ten fighting against my mind, and raging against the machine of the journey and how it showed up in my physical world.

I planned a birthday ‘party’ at my brothers house for last night and as I drove down to Brisbane from the hills, while chatting to my brother on the phone he asked ‘so who have you invited?’…… the question took me off guard for a few moments as I pondered the fact that I had invited no-one and that I did not know who I would invite, given that the majority of my friends reside in Maleny now. I felt myself go into shame for a moment, and fear that I had no friends to invite and my mind began to go into suffering. The social anxiety appeared at the corners of my thoughts, like it has done before, when I’m a fish out of water, or at least when I think that is so. But we are only a fish out of water in our own mind, because it is within our own mind that is the only place we are ever really a fish in water.

So I jumped back into the water and swam around in my truth and realised that it was funny, that I had forgotten to invite people, and maybe I didn’t need people, except the ones that were there anyway. And life seems to be a lot like that. LIke they say in that U2 song ‘what you don’t have, you don’t need it now…’

It ended up being 5 of us, sitting around in my brothers kitchen at the breakfast bar and drinking a few beers and wine, and talking about things that made us laugh. Sharing in the moment, effortlessly. And flexing the creative muscle, the one that fills my soul with strength as I sing deep and strong, a woman singing through me. or perhaps it was me singing with the voice of the goddess, the mother, the spirit of the feminine. But it was all of us anyway, the collective, coming together in that creative moment and pouring forth its energy through that little crack that lets the light in…

Its funny how things turn out…


and suddenly,

I know just what to do……………….