I’ve just fallen in love…


The waistcoat.

Today I welcomed 3 new waistcoats into the fold, and my other clothes have welcomed the new members of the family with open hearts. They are so versatile! And pleasing. Its sensual the way they accentuate your waist.

Classy, but playful over your regular clothes… You don’t have to dress them up with too much of the other ‘suit’ paraphernalia. They even look good with a mini skirt and some cons. They really fit with the other items of my humble wardrobe.

A girlfriend let me peruse through her op-shop pile today, as you do, and it consisted of many wild and wonderful things. Including these…  It’s like they are made for me!

Now this is an example of manifestation, and conscious creating in action.

I have been thinking about owning a waistcoat over the last month, and had been thinking I’d buy one if I saw a good one in a shop. I became open to one coming into my life but I hadn’t seen any… and then today I get given 3!

So what are the odds of me thinking about owning a waistcoat for a month, and then 3 just get given to me? Coincidence? I don’t think so. I don’t believe in coincidences, I have too many, too often to believe in them. What happens is flow.


It’s not some glitch in the matrix.

That’s when we step out of the matrix.

All of them.

When we are in flow. Pure positive energy.

This is what Byron Katie was talking about in her book ‘A Thousand Names for Joy’, she was referring to getting in the flow, and moving with it. When you trip over, go with it. She talks about moving into that experience rather than away from it. Feeling the ground on your hands and moving into it. Flowing with the experience, however it shows up. It’s what the Buddha talked about. They all talk about it. Osho. All the great minds of our time, and the ones who see things the way they really are.

Communicating with it in that moment, present in that moment with whatever is happening.

I was standing on my veranda before and I suddenly almost lost my balance as I leaned backwards too far, and I looked back and I was standing in front of one of the log stools, and without hesitation, I sat. Sat into the flow… The universal flow.

Like what we see when plants talk to each other. They are present. Suspended in that moment. In the flow and vibration of the universe.

I think this is also why it’s good to touch your plants and talk to them, especially the ones that you eat.

Because they respond to you and grow what you need because they know from your touch, and from the dna on your hands exactly where your body is at within this constant flow. Because as they have always said, we are all one, everything.

They give you what you need to get you more back into the flow if you are out of it. That is why it is so important to eat plants.

The universe is always in flow, and once you get it, you are there.

You don’t have to think about it.

Another thing that I realised is that when you ground yourself to the earth you actually instantly connect in with the gaia energy. Whatever you want to call it, and it has many different names for the same thing, but that connecting in, is connecting to the gaia energy. The vibration and rhythm of the earth, and there are many different ways of getting it, and drawing it up and out.

I’m just fallen in love with right now.

This moment.