The anti-anti-beard propaganda

What the fuck is all this weird bullshit anti-beard propaganda? Has anyone else added this up yet? For some reason there is media SPIN circulating right now that beards are bad, and I ask you to ask yourself a question. What race of people are known for having beards, and what race of people is the mainstream media currently trying to paint as ‘bad’ people?
Yes. Muslims. This is how SPIN works. Spin doctors are clever as fuck, and as brazen as fuck, and I know, because my QUT degree trained me to be one.
And I see it every day. They’ve been doing it with ads for years, like how they make Coke look like it is going to make you cool, when really its a cattle train ticket to diabetes and ill health. It strips dirt off coins for fucks sake! They know how to make cars look zippier, and they even made tampons seem sexy. It looks like they/we have now worked out this social media thing, and are now packaging propaganda up into an amusing looking packages so we all share it and think its a real laugh. And it is. For a second. Until you realise the deeper currents of things. Believe me, I write propaganda for a living. I don’t like the ‘poo beard’ thing.
We might read it (umpteen times since it has circulated widely throughout the day) and laugh it off, but the essence of it stays with us, and it is now programmed into our minds that beards remind us of poo. So the next time we see a Muslim guy on tv, or in a newspaper, we immediately think of poo, and get a sick feeling in our stomachs. Mission accomplished Mr Spin.
So here’s some anti-anti-beard propaganda… Please share it on, and lets start a new revolution where people can be whoever the fuck they like.

the anti propaganda machine